getting published

Every month I read the magazine Local Wolves online. It's one of my favourite magazines of all time because everything about it is just what I'm looking for in a magazine. The pictures are gorgeous, the articles feature people I want to read about and the whole magazine is all about being a creative and positive person. In each magazine they have a section called Wolfie Submissions where people can submit something that goes along with the theme of that months magazine. The theme of June's magazine was finding your niche and so I submitted a paragraph about how I discovered my love of art...and it got picked to be in June's magazine!! I was ecstatic when I found out because I never really thought I was that great of a writer so the fact that my work is published in my favourite magazine is crazy amazing! I'll leave a link to Local Wolves website here if you want to go check out what I wrote or you can read it for free on the app Issuu!

Xx Taylor