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new years eve outfits

New years eve is fast approaching and I can hardly believe the holidays have passed so quickly. I thought I'd provide some outfit inspiration for what ever you may be doing on new years.

No. 1: At home with family

Most often I spend New Years at home with friends and family just having dinner and mini dance parties, so this outfit was inspired by that. Just a simple white shirt paired with jeans would be great because it still looks super cute but it's also comfortable.

No. 2: Dinner out with friends
This next outfit I thought might be good for going out to eat with friends or to a dinner party. Pairing a skirt with a cozy sweater is always a great idea because you get to stay warm but still look put together.

No. 3: Party

For those of you who are going to a party this new years, I'm kind of jealous cause that sounds really fun. I think a flowy dress would be great because it's easy to move around in and paired with ankle boots which are way easier to dance in than heels.
A l…

last minute gift ideas

Christmas shopping can be super stressful, especially when there's only a week left. And although I'm not done Christmas shopping myself, I did manage to come up some (hopefully) easy to find gifts that you can pick up last minute.

Books/notebooks are always a good idea because you can never have too many. Some books I highly recommend for gifts would be: How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, Palo Alto by James Franco, To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.

Makeup/skincare products also tend to be really great gifts, especially for your mom or best friend. There are so many different options and it's really nice when you're able to personalize the gift towards the person's skin type or colouring.

Some more ideas: records, a polaroid camera, candles, mittens, fuzzy socks, Lush products, art supplies, perfume, jewelry
Hopefully this helps make your Christmas shopping a little easier! If you want more specific recommendations jus…

holiday outfit ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and it's usually one of the busiest times of the year for everyone, including me. There's always so many family gatherings and dinners with friends so I thought I'd show you a couple holiday outfit ideas!

1. Casual dinner

I thought this outfit might be super cute and comfortable for having dinner with family or friends because it's simple.
2. Holiday party

I also thought I'd throw in a fancier outfit because often people are throwing holiday parties around this time of year and this is what I was planning to wear to one of mine.
If you want to know where anything I showed is from just leave a comment. Hope you enjoyed seeing these and have a great holiday with friends and family! Xx Taylor