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a summer update on skincare

With warm weather comes oily and dull skin and although I love summer, it can be a tough to try and figure out what products to use during these months. I've been really focusing on combating those problems by using lots of hydrating and detoxifying products.

Recently I've started using a couple products from Biotherm and I've really been liking them. The Aquasource Everplump Day and Night treatments are so hydrating and feel great on the skin. The night one I apply at the end of my skincare routine, focusing mostly on my forehead, and leave on all night. For the day one I apply a thin layer after cleansing my face and leave it on till I'm ready to apply my makeup, kind of like a mask. 
Aquasource Everplump Day Treatment
Aquasource Everplump Night Treatment

I picked up the Mario Badescu Facial Spray the last time I went shopping and have been loving it! It works great to set makeup, if you need a refresh throughout the day or at the end of your skincare routine.

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complementary colours

If you've been on my Pinterest lately you might have noticed it's a lot more colourful than usual. There's just something about summer that's been making me love vibrant, saturated hues so I'd thought I'd try and incorporate that into this post! 

Xx Taylor


I thought I'd share a selection of photos I've taken recently but they don't necessarily relate to each other.