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january favourites

January is always a super busy month for me. Getting back into routine after the holidays is always hard and exams coming up at the end of the month always take so much energy. It can also be a tough month with all the snow and cold weather.

Clothing Favourites

Lately I've been wearing tons of grey sweaters, cardigans and black boots to try and deal with this snowy weather. I've also been wearing lots of jeans and gold accessories which can really add something to your outfit especially when you're wearing lazy clothes everyday.

Miscellaneous Things

The winter weather tends to dry out my skin so I am really enjoying Ro's Argon Body Conditioner from Lush. I've also really enjoyed having a diffuser in my room because it makes coming home from school even more enjoyable. I have been trying to journal a lot more as well because it really helps me stay organized. 

I recently purchased Ellie Goulding's new record and I love basically all the songs on it. They really help …