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my skincare routine

Hi guys! For those of you who have exams right now hopefully they're going well! I thought I'd do a little skincare routine (morning and night) just cause skin care is one of my favourite things at the moment and also because i've been trying out a few new things.

My morning skincare is pretty simple because I'm usually running to catch the bus... I basically just wash my face with the Angels On Bare Skin exfoliator from Lush. It smells amazing and it makes my skin feel super soft.

In the night I usually have a little more time to focus on my skin. I start off by cleansing and lately I've been using the Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser. I also really like the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser when I want to switch things up cause it's really gentle and takes off eye makeup too.
Next, I've been using the Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner just to make sure all my makeup is gone. If I'm breaking out I'll use the Mario Badescu Dry…

feminism, and why it's so important

So two days ago the women's march happened all around the world and although I couldn't attend one, it had me feeling very inspired. For those of you who don't know, the women's march was a worldwide protest to protect women's rights but also other causes such as LGBTQ+ rights, environmental concerns, health care reform and many more. The protest was a peaceful way to bring attention to many things that need to be addressed in the world, and in America in specific. 

In this post I thought I'd talk a little bit about feminism in specific (although the other causes are equally important). To me being a feminist is about supporting the equality of all genders. Women's rights are human rights is such an important thing for people to realize, especially with everything that has been going on recently.

I also thought I'd share some of my favourite books written by some pretty cool and empowering women:

Some other things to check out if you want to know more are …

winter makeup ft. yves saint laurent

Hi guys! I just thought I'd do a quick post about some of the makeup products that are quickly becoming my winter staples.

So the first thing I've been loving is the YSL Bronzing Stone in Fire Opal. It's just a really great bronzer for the winter months. Also, for eye shadow I have been loving the Nudestix magnetic eye pencil in Terra because it's the perfect nude shade.

The lipsticks I've really been liking are the YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stains in the colours 401 and 404 and the Star Clash lipstick in 52.

If you want a link to any of the products above just ask or you can also find them at Sephora! Xx Taylor

what's in my bag

Hopefully you had a great New Years Eve with friends and family! For my first post of 2017 I thought I'd show you what I keep in my bag.

Starting off with my actual bag, it is just a really compact cross body purse from H&M. I really like it because I don't usually carry a lot of stuff with me and it fits all the essentials.

The things that I usually carry with me are my wallet (this one is from Fossil), lip balm, hand cream, my phone, gum, random jewelry, and headphones. I got a sample of the Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve when I went boxing day shopping and it's the perfect size to keep in my bag. I have also really been liking the Smith's Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm for the winter months. Xx Taylor