30 Things to do This Summer

1. Go to the beach
2. Try yoga or zumba
3. Learn how to cook
4. Create the perfect summer playlist
5. Watch a movie at the drive-in
6. Have a sleepover with friends
7. Sleep outside (in a tent or under the stars)
8. Have a picnic
9. Learn how to bake
10. Redecorate your room

11. Have a movie marathon

12. Go thrift shopping
13. Start a blog
14. Have a photo shoot with friends
15. Read a book (recommendations in my last post)
16. Do a diy project
17. Have an art day
18. Go to a concert
19. Go to a park
20. Go for a bike ride

21. Have a garage sale

22. Go to a farmers market
23. Have a diy spa day
24. Watch fireworks on a holiday
25. Write a poem
26. Have a water balloon fight
27. Go to a new cafe/restaurant
28. Start a new tv series
29. Learn how to do your makeup a new way
30. Have a camp fire