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spring essentials

Spring is one of my favourite seasons cause it starts to get me excited for summer! I just love spring colours, fashion and the weather so I thought I'd share some of my essentials!

Gold Jewelry

Mejuri sent over the cutest gold bracelet that I've been wearing non-stop lately and I love pairing it with hoop earrings.
Mejuri Bracelet

Updated Fragrances

I always like to switch up my fragrance when the season changes so I've been wearing Glossier You a lot and also the Replica Glow filter! Both are smell super warm and comforting which is perfect for spring!
Glossier You
(or use my link for 10% off:
Glow Filter

Straw Basket

Ankle Crop Denim

I love ankle length jeans for the warmer months especially the ones that Re/Done does!

a look at chemical exfoliators

Before Glossier announced they were releasing a chemical exfoliator I had never really thought about trying one, and although I had heard about them in passing, I didn't really know how they worked. Basically from what I've read, they help to remove dead skin cells in a way that physical exfoliators can't and are less harmful to the skin than using a scrub.
For the past 2 months I tried out two different chemical exfoliators so here are my thoughts on them!
Glossier Solution

For the first month I used Glossier's Solution every night for four weeks. I have oily skin and from what I've heard from others if your skin is on the sensitive or dry side you should steer clear of Solution because many people have had negative reactions to it. I personally loved the way my skin looked and felt after using it!
-reduced breakouts -smoothed and improved skin's texture -reduced the look/size of pores -reduced blackheads -skin looked glowy
-strong smell (almost like cleaner…