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february favourites

February has been another really busy month but I also did some fun things like my Niagara Falls trip. As promised here are all my favourite things from this month!

This months favourites definitely have a bit of a pink theme to them possibly because Valentine's Day was last weekend. I've started to wear more tank tops with cardigans lately and I think I'm just really hoping for spring to come.

Beauty Favourites

I really like floral scents currently and also minimal makeup because I'm often too tired to take it all it's just easier if I put less on.

The new Teen Vogue issue has some really cute, vintage vibes right now and I love it! Also, How to Be Parisian is a really great read for spring time(even though it's technically still winter). I have also been re-obsessed with Vampire Weekend's music!
Songs: Somebody Else by The 1975 and Diane Young by Vampire Weekend Movie: Palo Alto Outfit: Cardigan, floral tank top, jeans and white conv…

lazy days

Lately I've been feeling very unproductive and a little lazy which can be both a good thing and a bad day. Although I have more time to relax I'm also not getting anything done which I don't like. Anyways here are some random things that I put together and photographed.

Sorry for the short post but I should have my February favourites up sometime in the next week. xx Taylor

niagara falls trip

Last weekend my family and I had an impromptu getaway to Niagara Falls(the Canadian side). I've been there many times but we hadn't been there in a couple years so it was nice to go back. I got to go shopping which was probably the best part and you can see what I got  in my last post! 

I was really happy to be able to just get away and relax for the weekend especially since I had just finished exams and new classes were starting on Monday. The hotel had gorgeous windows which I couldn't stop taking pictures of and also a good view of the falls!
Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe this post inspires you to take a mini vacation of your own because every one deserves it once in a while! xx Taylor

february haul

I was really happy that I got a couple chances to go shopping this month because I've been kind of bored with my clothes lately. I went to Niagara Falls last weekend and shopped on the way there and home so I ended up picking up a few different pieces.


I got a few fancier pieces with my school trip to New York in mind and also because I feel like I just wear sweaters and jeans all the time.

I ordered all the books online and also the record because online shopping is soo easy and also cheaper than buying stuff at the store. Troye Sivan is my favourite singer(other than Lana Del Rey) so I had to get his album on vinyl. 
Hope you enjoyed my February haul! If you have any ideas of things you want to see on here leave a comment! Thanks so much for reading and have a good Valentine's Day tomorrow how ever you celebrate!  xx Taylor

windy day walks

The other day it was unseasonably warm so I decided to go for a walk because I've been cooped up inside for the past week since exams are done. It was really windy which made it hard to take pictures but it was still nice to get out of the house.

I find it really hard to dress for in-between spring like weather so I ended up just throwing on a sweater, leather jacket and black boots which got super muddy as did the dog but I had fun so oh well. 

Hopefully this means that spring will come early this year but weather is way too unpredictable. I'll have a haul post up soon so look out for that. Thanks for reading and sorry this is a shorter post. xx Taylor

winter skin care

It's the beginning of February which means that it's still winter and I've definitely been struggling with dry skin because of the cold temperatures. I decided to post some of my favourite skin care products which have really been helping me get through the cold season.

These two things have been my favourites in skin care so far this winter. They really have been making a difference and helping to clear up my dry skin. 

I picked up this travel set of Live Clean's face care products and was pleasantly surprised to find that they work really well. I decided to try their skin care line because I adore their shampoo and conditioner (it works well but it is also free from animal testing and 99.9% plant derived). 

I thought I'd share a few more of my favourite skin care products because I love their company and everything they stand for. Rub Rub Rub is hands down my favourite product from Lush! It's a salt scrub and it works great and smells amazing. I also really like…