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trip to nyc

This past weekend I was in New York City on an end of summer trip so I thought I'd share some of my photos.

Bryant park is one of my favourite places in the city so I ended up spending a lot of time there just hanging out cause it's such a nice place to take a break from all the chaos.

Visiting the Glossier showroom was so amazing! It's even more beautiful in real life and I highly suggest you go if you're in nyc (but try and go on a day other than Saturday cause the wait was pretty long).

I also went to the Top of the Rock again cause the view is stunning, definitely a must see!
Xx Taylor

what to do in the last few weeks of summer

Sadly summer is coming to an end with only about three weeks left but I thought I'd give you some ideas on what you can do to end the summer off on a high note!

1. Go to the beach again...cause chances are you've already been, but tbh it never really gets old
2. Have a picnic in your local park
3. Have a movie marathon with friends
4. Spend a day painting and creating artwork
5. Bake something

6. Create a new playlist for back to school
7. Go thrift/vintage shopping
8. Redecorate your bedroom
9. Go to a cafe/restaurant you've never been to before
10. Actually read the books you've had on your tbr shelf for forever
Xx Taylor


beauty haul

Throughout the past month I've been picking up some new beauty things so I thought I'd do a big post on the things I picked up!

These YSL tinted lip balms are my new favourite lip product because they give you a subtle hint of colour and are really moisturizing. I have numbers 1, 2 and 9 but 1 is my favourite.
YSL Tinted Lip Balms

Let's talk about Glossier for a second because they finally started shipping to Canada and of course I had to order some things. I ended up getting Boy Brow , Milky Jelly Cleanser , Cloud Paint in Dusk , Haloscope in Quartz , and Birthday Balm Dot Com . I think I might do a full review on the brand sometime in the future when I've had a chance to pick up some more things and test them out, but so far I've been loving everything! 

If you want 10% off your Glossier order plus free shipping when you buy two or more items use my link here:

Last thing I picked up was this Bite Beauty Multistick in the shade Mascarpone.…

august playlist pt. 1

up all night-matt dimona
white mustang-lana del rey
copycat-billie eilish
touch-matt dimona
heroin-lana del rey
little things-vasser
numb with you-stefan
le drugs-birthday
changed up-polaroid
cherry-lana del rey
Lana Del Rey's new album just came out and I've pretty much been listening to that on repeat. It was hard to narrow down which of the songs I wanted to include cause my favourites seem to change every day. I've also really been liking LANY's new self titled album!