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my everyday makeup

This week I thought I'd share what my everyday makeup routine was because I love seeing what makeup other people use to get new ideas for my own makeup.

Step no.3: I've been using Benefit's They're Real Mascara recently and I love it! I usually just apply it to my top lashes and blink while it's drying to get a little on my bottom lashes.

Step no.4: I have also been using Benefit's Hoola bronzer and I'm a little obsessed with it because it's the perfect shade for a bronzer. I basically just apply that to my cheek bones, chin and forehead. If you're someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup but would like to start trying new products, bronzer is the perfect thing to experiment with.

Step no.5: Finally, I just apply a little bit of lip salve to my lips because they tend to get kind of dry during the night.

Hopefully you enjoyed this kind of post. I might do a night time routine soon so stay tuned for that. Xx Taylor

may playlist no.2

Into You-Ariana Grande
Love On the Brain-Rihanna
All Night-Beyonce
Paris-The 1975
My Blood-AlunaGeorge, ZHU
Pressure-Milk & Bone
Shine-Years & Years
These past couple weeks have just basically been me playing Beyonce's new album, Lemonade, on repeat but instead of just listing songs from her album I included some others that I've been really enjoying. I've also been loving Verite recently because literally all her songs are amazing! Xx Taylor

how to press flowers

You will need:

-flowers of your choice (can be any size)

-paper towel

-books or heavy objects

Step One:

Pick or buy the flowers you will be pressing (can also be done with leaves) 

Step Two:

Place the flowers on a paper towel. You may have to play with them so they stay with their face up.

Step Three:

Fold over the paper towel and place inside a book.

Step Four:

Place more books or heavy objects on top and leave for 5-7 days.

Pressing flowers is such an easy thing to do and since they basically keep forever once they're dry you can use them for tons of different things like:
-journals (glue or tape them into your journal or diary)
-cards (birthday, mother's day or whatever!)
-inside a clear phone case (I promise it won't stain the back of your phone as I've tested it myself! Also it looks super pretty)
-hang them in your room (if you have a bouquet tie the stems to a piece of string and make garland for your wall)
Xx Taylor

book sale haul

Yesterday there was a huge used book sale in a town close to my house so I decided to go see what I could find. I love used book sales because you never know what's going to be there. I ended up buying six different books and all of them were decently priced (the most expensive being $4). 

Let It Snow and Rebel Belle are two books I've already read but I really enjoyed them and I know I will definitely be rereading them. Let It Snow is a really cute Christmas book with three different stories, (one of them by John Green), that all connect at the end and make you smile. Rebel Belle is a really good teen book and the message is basically that girls can do anything boys can do and be the hero of the story which I love. 

I picked up More Than This by Patrick Ness because I've heard great things about his books. Horrorstor intrigued me too much not to buy because the cover literally looks exactly like an Ikea catalogue but apparently it's a mystery/horror novel so I'm exc…

may playlist no. 1

DSYLM-Rubee Rayne
Constant Crush-Verite
Lost Boy-Steffan Argus (cover)
Never Be Like You feat.Kai-Flume
Say It feat.Tove Lo-Flume
Don't Let Me Down feat.Daya-Chainsmokers
Florida Kilos (Rainer + Grimm Remix)-Lana Del Rey
I Took a Pill In Ibiza-Conor Maynard (cover)
What Are You Afraid Of?-Vinyl Sons (on soundcloud)
This Is What You Came For feat.Rihanna-Calvin Harris
Faded-Conor Maynard (cover)
Lately I've been listening to a lot of covers on youtube which is great because you get to discover lots of lesser known artists who are really amazing. I also have really been enjoying more upbeat dance music cause it's a good pick me up in the morning when I'm on the bus.

my trip to new york city

Last Thursday I had the chance to go to New York City with some of my friends on a school trip and it was probably one of the best experiences ever. I had so much fun and got to experience a lot of amazing things in the three days I was there. If you ever get the chance to visit NYC I highly suggest you do because it's such an amazing place.

Central Park was one of my favourite places to visit as all the flowers were out and it was just so pretty. It's such an unexpected thing to see in a big city which makes it feel really special. Also, I got to visit the place where Chuck and Blair (from Gossip Girl) got married and I almost cried from excitement!

Top of the Rock was another highlight from the trip because the view is AMAZING! You can see the entire city from up there (including the Statue of Liberty which I thought was pretty cool).

A few other places I suggest going to if you're ever in New York are Bryant Park, The High Line, Soho, NBC Studios (where they film Saturday …