my trip to new york city

Last Thursday I had the chance to go to New York City with some of my friends on a school trip and it was probably one of the best experiences ever. I had so much fun and got to experience a lot of amazing things in the three days I was there. If you ever get the chance to visit NYC I highly suggest you do because it's such an amazing place.

Central Park was one of my favourite places to visit as all the flowers were out and it was just so pretty. It's such an unexpected thing to see in a big city which makes it feel really special. Also, I got to visit the place where Chuck and Blair (from Gossip Girl) got married and I almost cried from excitement!

Top of the Rock was another highlight from the trip because the view is AMAZING! You can see the entire city from up there (including the Statue of Liberty which I thought was pretty cool).

A few other places I suggest going to if you're ever in New York are Bryant Park, The High Line, Soho, NBC Studios (where they film Saturday Night Live), Times Square, any broadway musical, and Grand Central Station.

Hope you like these kind of posts as I love travelling and sharing the places that I go! Xx Taylor