how to press flowers

You will need:

-flowers of your choice (can be any size)

-paper towel

-books or heavy objects

Step One:

Pick or buy the flowers you will be pressing (can also be done with leaves) 

Step Two:

Place the flowers on a paper towel. You may have to play with them so they stay with their face up.

Step Three:

Fold over the paper towel and place inside a book.

Step Four:

Place more books or heavy objects on top and leave for 5-7 days.

Pressing flowers is such an easy thing to do and since they basically keep forever once they're dry you can use them for tons of different things like:

-journals (glue or tape them into your journal or diary)

-cards (birthday, mother's day or whatever!)

-inside a clear phone case (I promise it won't stain the back of your phone as I've tested it myself! Also it looks super pretty)

-hang them in your room (if you have a bouquet tie the stems to a piece of string and make garland for your wall)

Xx Taylor