book sale haul

Yesterday there was a huge used book sale in a town close to my house so I decided to go see what I could find. I love used book sales because you never know what's going to be there. I ended up buying six different books and all of them were decently priced (the most expensive being $4). 

Let It Snow and Rebel Belle are two books I've already read but I really enjoyed them and I know I will definitely be rereading them. Let It Snow is a really cute Christmas book with three different stories, (one of them by John Green), that all connect at the end and make you smile. Rebel Belle is a really good teen book and the message is basically that girls can do anything boys can do and be the hero of the story which I love. 

I picked up More Than This by Patrick Ness because I've heard great things about his books. Horrorstor intrigued me too much not to buy because the cover literally looks exactly like an Ikea catalogue but apparently it's a mystery/horror novel so I'm excited to see how I like it.

My favourite find from yesterday was this book called My Ideal Bookshelf. It basically is just a book about peoples favourite books. Each page has a different persons "ideal" bookshelf (including people like James Franco and Stephanie Meyer). The illustrations are gorgeous and I just really like the concept of this book so I picked it up.

Last but not least I got The Creativity License by Danny Gregory. I found this while browsing through the art books and was really surprised by how much I liked it. It has tons of helpful tips on "being the artist you truly are" such as how to not judge your work so harshly and how to stop procrastinating. Also, it has gorgeous drawings and illustrations (yes, I still love picture books). I think it will be a really helpful read for me and anyone else who loves art.

Hopefully you like seeing these kinds of posts cause I love sharing what I'm reading. Xx Taylor