spring look book

Finally, after promising this for weeks I finally got around to doing a spring look book of sorts! It's basically just a couple things I've been liking lately and thought I'd share.

Items: Forever 21 top, Lululemon leggings, Charlotte Russe denim jacket, Bandana I have no clue
but I think lots of stores sell them right now, Sperry shoes
I've been seeing a ton of bandana's being worn recently on Pinterest and Instagram as neck ties and I think they look really cute especially when you wear it with a white top. Also, athletic wear has been coming back so I've been wearing leggings and running shoes a lot.

I think one thing that everyone needs for spring is some cute flats since I've basically worn boots since fall.

One thing that I love doing is making inspiration boards with magazine clippings as it's a good way to waste time and it's fun. These are some of the ones I've done recently!

Thanks for reading and hopefully this was inspiring or helpful in some ways? Xx Taylor