spring break movie guide

I watch a crazy amount of movies so I thought I'd compile a list of some of my favourites that you might not have seen before. There's a pretty good mix of comedies and indie films so hopefully you find a new favourite!

1. Moonrise Kingdom

If you've never seen a Wes Anderson film Moonrise Kingdom is a good one to start with. Every single shot is soo gorgeous and the story is amazing! It makes me want to be a kid again.

2. Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a really great coming of age story about four different teens all going through different things. It's a lot different from James Franco's book but it takes his stories to a whole new level.

3. Wet Hot American Summer

This movie is probably the weirdest one on the list because it's so random. It's a hilarious camp movie starring Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Banks that will definitely make you laugh.

4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This movie is one classic that you have to see. Ferris Bueller's "sick" day includes driving around Chicago in a convertible with his best friend and girlfriend and singing in a parade. It's funny and crazy but totally relatable!

5. Kings of Summer

Kings of Summer is such a good movie that I watched it twice in the same day! It's about three boys who build their own house in the woods and attempt to live there over the summer.

6. The To Do List

I thought The To Do List was actually really funny and kind of reminded me of Bridesmaids in some ways so if you want a cheesy comedy The To Do List will definitely make you laugh.

7. Heathers

Heathers really intrigued me because it's totally bizarre but makes sense at the same time. It's about a girl named Veronica and her boyfriend and how they start killing people they dislike at their school and making them look like suicides. It sounds weird but it  makes you want to root for the bad guys, aka Winona Ryder. 

8. Two Night Stand

Miles Teller is my favourite actor so I had to include one of his movies in this list. I feel like most people have already seen The Spectacular Now and Two Night Stand is my favourite of his movies so I highly recommend you watch it! It's set in NYC during a snowstorm and it's really cute and funny.

I hope maybe you've found something new and exciting for you to watch on this list and that you enjoy it as much as I do. I promise they're all amazing! Xx Taylor

(All pictures are ones I've screenshotted from the movies)