spring break packing guide

March break starts in one day for me which is super exciting even though I'm not actually going anywhere exciting. For those of you who are, I thought I'd put together a little essential packing guide whether you're visiting the city or the beach!


Items: Leather jacket and top from Forever 21, Converse shoes, Old Navy Bathing Suit top,
Sunglasses (I can't remember...sorry!), Moleskin journals, vintage camera, Benefit Push Up liner
It's still pretty cold out so if you're visiting a city (NYC possibly?) then you'll probably want to pack warmer pieces like jackets and good shoes for walking around. I also included a bathing suit because hotels usually have a swimming pool and I ALWAYS forget to pack one. The Great Gatsby is the perfect book to read on you're city vacation because it's short but really interesting! I also like to pack journals and a camera so I can remember everything that I did!


Items: Brandy Melville top, Garage Sunglasses, Walmart Bathing Suit (yes they actually have cute bathing suits!),
Sandels found at a thrift store, Fuji Film Polaroid camera, Rosebud Lip Salve Sephora
If you're heading to a beach over Spring Break I'm really jealous cause there's no where I'd rather be but there. My beach essentials are definitely a cute bathing suit, a pair of sunglasses and a good contemporary book (like any of Rainbow Rowell's!). 

Hopefully this helped make packing a little easier for you if you're going on vacation and if you aren't going anywhere exciting (like me...) I'm gonna post a list of movie recommendations probably on the weekend! Xx Taylor