february movie recommendations

Lately I've been watching a lot of new movies and I thought I'd share a few that I've been loving. I tried to pick some that you might never have heard of just because I love when people recommend me new things. 

1. And While We Were Here: It's a romance movie set in Italy and focuses on a couple struggling with their relationship and what happens when someone new comes into the picture. (This is my new favourite movie and if you watch anything from this list this is the one you should watch!)

2. Manchester By the Sea: Focuses on the relationship of a boy and his uncle after his father death. This movie overall is kind of sad but the story is so interesting and it has some really funny parts.

3. Submarine: A really cute romance set in England.

4. I Believe In Unicorns: This movie has the prettiest visuals I've ever seen so if you're into visually appealing things, it's a must watch.

5. Kill Your Darlings: Based on a true story about a couple of struggling writers in England attending University.

6. Léon the Professional: Starring a very young Natalie Portman, this movie is just amazing!

7. Kids In Love: This movie is really good to watch if you're struggling to find what you want to do with your life because it's all about teens going through the same thing.

8. The Dreamers: Set in Paris, this movie was strange but the relationships between the three main characters was so interesting.

Let me know if you've seen any of these movies or what I should watch next! Xx Taylor