5 Tips to Stay Stress Free

This time of year tends to always be the most stressful with school and everything else going on so I thought I'd share some things I like to do to help me relax and destress.

1. Colour

One thing I like to do to relax is colour. It's super easy and there are soo many cute colouring books for adults now. I really like the ones by Zoe de las Cases because the ones I have are Parisian themed and adorable.

2. Journal

Journalling is a great way to keep all your thoughts organized and to get everything off your chest. I like to carry around small ones and write down all my homework and assignments for school so I don't forget anything.

3. Take care of your skin

Face masks can be such a relaxing thing that I like to treat myself to every once in a while. One of my favourites recently has been the Fresh Rose Face Mask because it's super hydrating. Before I put on a mask though I use the Angels on Bare Skin exfoliator from Lush.

4. Listen to Music

While I do homework I often like to listen to some calming music. Spotify often has some great playlists and here is a list of some of my favourite artists for relaxing: 
Lana Del Rey
The Xx
The Neighbourhood

5. Bake

One thing that some of my friends love to do to relax is bake. It's not my absolute favourite thing but I do like to do it every once in a while. I find that Kinfolk magazine often has some really cool recipes and I also like to look on Pinterest for ideas.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and they help in some way! Xx Taylor