This month seems to be going by really quickly and I think the reason why is because my trip to New York City is fast approaching. Ever since I was around 11 years old I've wanted to visit NYC and although I have been to the state of New York, I haven't had the chance to visit the city because it's about seven hours away from where I live in Canada. This year I am finally getting the chance to go because my school has organized a trip there. Two of my friends and I decided that grade 11 is as good a time as any to go because we aren't crazy busy with school work yet. The trip is based around our school's art programs so we get to visit the MOMA(which I'm most excited about), the NBC studio, and also see the musical The Color Purple on broadway. We are going to a few other places like Chinatown and Little Italy. A few months ago I started watching Gossip Girl, (which was probably a bad idea because I'm now addicted and Blair and Chuck's relationship makes me feel emotionally unstable)and the show has just increased my excitement because I want to visit all the locations they film at. In about three weeks we're taking a bus there and I cannot be more excited!

I want to do a "packing for NYC" post but I can't do that for a few weeks when I actually decide what I'm gonna bring. I also got a new phone (iPhone 6 in case you were wondering) as I had a iPhone 4 before, it didn't take the best photos and I really want to start taking better quality photos especially on my trip. Hopefully you enjoyed this little update and find it kind of interesting? Thanks for reading Xx Taylor ps the photos have nothing to do with what I just talked about but they're off my Insta and I really like them :)